Discover Our Rosehip Seed Oil

Here is a little guide I have put together about Lesotho Rose's organic Rosehip Seed Oil, its history, where it comes from and how it is produced.

History of Rosehip Seed Oil

Natural plant-based oils have played a fundamental role in our skincare for over 2000 years. Rosehip Oil was first discovered by the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans and was used by women for repairing and nurturing their skin and soon became known as the 'elixir of youth'.
In the 1980s, modern science and extensive studies validated the skin-healing properties of Rosehip Oil. Findings by the University of Santiago in 1983 also revealed the oil's ability to regenerate skin cells, minimise scars and wrinkles and help to balance skin tone.

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil from Lesotho

'Why choose Rosehip Seed Oil from Lesotho?' You may ask. The simple answer is, alongside Chile, Lesotho's Rosehip seeds consistently produce some of the finest nutrient-rich oil in the world. 
Lesotho known as the 'Kingdom of the Sky' is a landlocked country in the heart of South Africa. The climate and the beautiful rural mountainous landscape are the perfect environments for the two main species of roses in Lesotho, Rosa Rubiginosa (Sweet Briar) and Rosa Canina (Dog Rose) to thrive naturally. Our Rosehips are not commercially farmed unlike in other countries, they simply grow wild and organically along the riverbeds and the hillsides.
Our current batch of Rosehip Oil is made from Rosa Rubiginosa, which is the traditional variety of Rosehip Oil. 

Sustainably and Ethically Harvested 

Handpicking rosehips
From May onwards the small bright-coloured reddish spherical fruits that remain once the roses have bloomed, lost their petals and died are sustainably harvested. Handpicked mainly by women from the local villages, the harvesting of the Rosehips provides a valuable income for their families and boasts the rural local economy.

Cold-Pressed in South Africa

The Rosehips are transported over the border to South Africa to be turned into oil. Once washed and dried, the Rosehips are 'cold-pressed' to extract the oil. This method involves pressing down on the seeds using a screw device with no or very little heat, ensuring the oil retains its high nutrient profile and is the utmost in purity and quality. 
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