Our Favourite Ways to Use Our Dried Rose Petals on Your Wedding Day

Vibrant in colour with a beautiful natural aroma our dried rose petals will make a gorgeous addition to your wedding day. Organically grown in the family garden in Devon our premium rose petals are picked at full bloom and then slowly, naturally dried to retain their colour, shape and scent.

Our dried rose petals are simply dried rose petals; eco-friendly and fully biodegradable and so very venue-friendly. No pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers are used in the growing process and they are certainly not dyed! Our confetti is a plethora of colour containing mainly shades of pinks and purples, with flecks of white, peach, red, and yellow intermingled; available in 1-, 3- or 5-litres to cater to your requirements.

There are so many ways that our biodegradable dried rose petals can bring even more magic to your special day – here are some of our favourites. 

The Confetti Throw

A time-honoured tradition, the confetti throw is an opportunity for your family and friends to shower you in love and wish you luck and prosperity in your marriage. There are a number of ways in which to distribute your dried rose petals; for a rustic and traditional look place in a wicker basket and ask your bridesmaids or ushers to hold so that your guests can take a handful as they line up for the confetti throw. Or to make sure everyone gets some place in cones, individual sachets or cannons for that explosive pop of colour.

Whichever way you choose to hand out your confetti, our dried rose petals will certainly add colour, fun and energy to that all important confetti photograph – a photographers dream composition.

Aisle Decoration

Create a beautiful aisle adorned with petals as you walk down towards your loved one. You could either decorate the aisle before the service or if you have a flower girl ask them to sprinkle the dried rose petals as they walk down the aisle in front of you. A simple and enchanting way to add elegance to your wedding ceremony. 

Table Décor

Alternatively add some colour and romance by using our dried rose petals as part of your wedding breakfast table décor. If you are sitting at round tables create a centre piece with our dried rose petals sprinkled around. On long tables why not place the rose petals in little pots placed down the centre of the table or simply scattered down in a line along the length of the table.

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