Our Top 3 Uses for Our Biodegradable Dried Rose Petals

Grown in our garden here in Devon, our petals come from various types and kinds of roses in a wonderful array of vibrant colours. Handpicked whilst in full bloom and then slowly dried to retain their colour and natural aroma, our rose petals can be used for an array of purposes from confetti to crafting accessories. Here are 3 favourite uses for our biodegradable dried rose petals:

Wedding Confetti 

Perhaps the most obvious and popular use for our dried rose petals is as confetti at your wedding. The gorgeous vibrant colours and natural floral aroma of our rose petals will add charm, character and romance to your special day.

Let your loved-ones and guests celebrate your marriage and shower you in love, luck and future prosperity with our confetti by giving them a handful to throw over you. Photographers love this! A perfect way to capture all the love and celebratory feelings with the beautiful added dimension of petals. 

You could also enliven the aisle as you walk towards your loved one with a flower girl or page boy leading the way scattering the petals. Supplied in a white drawstring pouch our confetti is ready to be handed out or to be used as you so wish. Simply choose between one, three, or five litres to cater to your needs.

Furthermore, our petals being biodegradable, eco-friendly and not dyed will be accepted at all venues who allow confetti.

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Table Decor

Our dried rose petals are also a great way to add elegance and colour to your tables whether its for your wedding breakfast, birthday celebration or an event. Place/scatter them in the centre of round tables or in a line down the centre of rectangle tables. You can also put them in glass jars and fish bowls as a focal point to the table too.

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Potpourri is a great way to scent your house with a natural and subtle aroma and an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic air-fresheners. Use our dried rose petals with their long-lasting fragrance as a base for your potpourri and add spices such as cinnamon sticks or dried pieces of fruit such as orange to create your own house scent. Check out this great article on how to make your own potpourri from realflowers.co.uk to get some ideas.

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